How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

Parents want their children to love and care for them

When children have grown and moved away, parents think that a phone call would be nice. Old people cannot understand why their children neglect them. They have a belief system that says, "Children should not neglect their parents." But how your children relate to you is not an accident or unfortunate circumstance; it is a reflection of their belief systems. A belief system that says, "In order to survive, I must take great care of my parents by paying attention to them" may not have been inserted into the child. Years later, out of desperation, parents try to use guilt to insert this belief system. However, since the strongest belief systems are inserted into us during childhood, before we had fully developed our ability to reason, the present attempt to insert a new belief system is seldom successful. As a result, parents remain neglected most of the time, and their children feel guilty all of the time. Belief systems inserted in childhood will determine whether children will call, care for, and love their aging parents. Take care of your own parents, and your children will observe such behavior. Insert the appropriate belief systems while they are young, and they will practice the same care, love, and attention on you."