How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

The good old days

Grown children are driven crazy by their parents' refusal to buy proper food and clothing for themselves, even though the parents have ample funds to do so. Older people will not buy certain things because the prices are too high, according to the belief systems developed during the years when they were in charge of buying for themselves and their family. All future prices are related to the belief systems established during these times.

Some people hold onto belief systems about the good old days. How dumb can we be? The old days may have had lower prices and life may have been simpler, but, given a choice between now and then, nobody would choose the good old days. Thousands of men spent each day cleaning up after horses in New Uork City. There was no central heating, no hot water, and no indoor plumbing. People had no pasteurized milk or penicillin. Fruit was available only in season, and apples came with worms inside.

A good employee in a decent company made $12 dollars a week for working six 12-hour days. Men might live to age 40, if illness or accident did not claim them first. Women frequently died while giving birth. A doctor made about $1,000 a year. Almost everybody was in debt, broke, and poor. Few people were able to save money for retirement. Welfare and medical plans did not exist. The good old days were good and awful!"