How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

Old people and grandchildren

Loving a grandchild is easy, for we have few belief systems in this area. At birth, our hearts are open to love everybody, but sometimes our love is rejected. Since rejection hurts, we accumulate restrictive belief systems about giving and receiving love. Our hearts stop offering love to avoid being hurt, and we form a huge backlog of compacted love. But a baby does not reject us or trigger our belief systems about hurt, distrust, or betrayal. A baby creates a safe way for us to release our love. Consequently, this vast backlog of love gushes out, and we love a baby the way we want to love everybody if only we could free ourselves of our self-inserted restrictive belief systems. Unfortunately, as a child grows, he or she unconsciously inserts the same belief systems that restrict the ~ity to love others and to live life with vitality.