How to do Your Own Therapy  
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By Jack Bogasky Save Money. Get Relief. Attain Peace of Mind
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How to do Your Own Therapy
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Jack Bogasky

In his long and varied career (John I. Jack) Bogasky has been a U.S. Navy Lieutenant, a top salesman for IBM, a broker on Wall Street, an inventor, and a corporate officer. Born in Upstate New York, Jack earned his BBA from Manhattan College, and completed the Officer Candidate School (as a 90 day wonder) in Newport, Rhode Island. Bogasky is a partner and former chief operating officer of Sensormatic Security Corporation, a franchise of Sensormatic Electronics, an international company head quartered in Florida. He is also president of JBM of Virginia which markets his patented invention to deter supermarket theft. While at IBM, Jack's success in sales earned him recognition in the 100 Percent Club twelve consecutive times as well as three Golden Circle awards.  Jack's drive to write this book stems from his interest in observing people's responses to life's events. He is primarily concerned with addressing the fundamental questions of life: Why are we the way we are? How did we get to be the way we are? And how can we change the way we are?  Jack has participated in a variety of individual and group therapies. He has at-tended seminars at the Monroe Institute, Esalen, and throughout the world, and has traveled to Brazil to observe surgery with-out anesthetic, trances, and channeling.  Jack is also an accomplished showman and actor. He has created industrial shows and movies for IBM and other companies. His talent for public speaking has led to invitations to deliver motivational speeches to sales forces, lectures to colleges, and interviews on television and radio stations. Jack is a nationally ranked racquetball player.