How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

Belief Systems

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we all create belief systems from information gathered by our senses, and we insert them in our minds. Belief systems have a wide range of sources. They originate from the accepted, agreed-upon wisdom of a particular time and place. Their source may be hearsay, dogma, rumor, tradition, bedtime stories, the Bible, or a host of other things. You can have belief systems that have to do with happiness, boredom, anger, grief, fear, or any combination of these and other emotions.  In addition to being formed by real experiences, belief systems can also be formed by our dreams and fantasies. Every perception we have, even if we are unaware of it at the time, feeds into and becomes part of one of our unconscious belief systems.  Some belief systems last for centuries, such as:

The Earth is flat;
Mountains hold up the sky;
The Earth is the center of the universe.