How to do Your Own Therapy  
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By Jack Bogasky Save Money. Get Relief. Attain Peace of Mind
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How to do Your Own Therapy
Chapter 1
You Are What You Believe

Some people are lucky. They have figured out how to live their lives productively with peace of mind, contentment, and vitality. But most of us aren't so lucky. We live with vague and empty feelings. We keep asking, is that all there is?

We become  frightened and uneasy because we know that we are not living up to our potential, but we are at a loss when it comes to knowing  what to do to improve our lives. Most of us find that our lives are  filled with contradictions. We realize that we do things that don't make any sense, but when we look around us, we see that everyone else is doing the same kinds of things, too.

To gain approval and acceptance, we choose to "go with the flow" and be like everyone else. We smoke, drink, and eat too much. We become involved in destructive relationships. We feel guilty, we  worry, and we grow anxious. We are stressed out and filled with  regrets. Everything we do seems to lead us into another double bind.

We look around and see that the world is filled with too many questions for which we have no answers. Why is it easy to predict some people’s behavior in certain situations? Why do some people overreact in some situations and not in others? Why do people remain stubborn for hours over the smallest issues or refuse to listen to the sincere advice of a friend? Why are some people rich and happy while others are rich and unhappy?

If the questions in the preceding paragraph seem pretty ordinary, try these. Where was I before I was born? Why am I afraid to die? Where am I going after I die and how do I get ready? And what am I to do between birth and death? Will I live and die and not leave a mark? Where is the delight in everyday living that I experienced as a child? What happened to that happy, healthy, joyful, and optimistic youngster?

Many intelligent people have studied these questions and have figured out answers to them. They have discovered how to live life productively, and they have published books that contain their knowledge and answers. But most of these books are written at such a high level -- and in such jargon-ridden language -- that we are unable to follow them. And what good are answers to the central questions of our lives, if we can't understand the wisdom they offer well enough to use it?

You can spend years learning the terminology of each of these authors -- only to discover later that they are all stating the same essential message: we are all programmed by consciously and unconsciously observing events from which we create belief systems that automatically and unconsciously determine our behavior. Furthermore, our behavior is an external representation of our inner belief systems. Therefore, if you can change your inner belief systems, you can change who you are and eliminate whatever behaviors are causing you to suffer. Indeed, if you come to know your unconscious belief systems, you can understand, explain, and control those bizarre behaviors that upset you and those around you. It's that simple.

Working with a therapist can help you understand these essential truths. But therapy is expensive and time-consuming. At $150 per hour, you will go broke before you get better even if you see the doctor just once a week! And what would your friends say if they found out that you were seeing a shrink?

Unlike therapy, which typically lasts only 50 minutes a week, you can use the information in this book every time something upsets you, no matter when, no matter where. You and not your therapist will be in control of your life.You can get better as fast as you want!

You can change your life dramatically in a matter of hours. The more you use the techniques described in this book and illustrated on the accompanying cassette tape to free yourself from unconscious belief systems, the faster will peace of mind and contentment enter your life -- and the faster a much happier you will emerge!

The best therapists can't compete with you on the subject of knowledge of your life. A therapist has to guess what might be behind your problem. Each one of us faces unique challenges on this Earth, and each of us perceives every second of our lives in our own individual ways. Only you know exactly what you are and how you got that way, and only I know exactly what I am and how I got this way. Only you can help you, and only I can help me. We must search ourselves to know ourselves.