How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

How Our Unconscious Belief Systems Control Our Behavior

The mind is capable of creating multiple belief systems in any given second. There are a billion seconds in 32 years. The belief systems that our minds create overlap, connect with, and reinforce one another. Except for flashes of consciousness, we operate under their control all the time. Your ego is the sum of all your belief systems, conscious and unconscious, good or bad, small or large. When you are responding unconsciously to everyday living, you are being controlled by your unconscious belief systems. But the ego doesn't care. The ego is a mindless executor of your belief systems. It does not fear constructive, positive, or conscious belief systems. What it fears is an absence of belief systems, because without them, it would not exist. Thus the ego considers the loss of a belief system as partial death. Consequently, it suffers perpetual anxiety about death. The ego follows willy-nilly whatever belief systems you have created through your observations 2E Its dark genius lies in trying to make sense of all of it.