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How to do Your Own Therapy

Death the Magnificant Adventure

You are consciousness. Consciousness existed before time and space, and consciousness stands outside of time and space. Therefore, you existed before time and space. Uou have always existed! We feel and know this on some level, but to whom do we tell this insight that we hold within ourselves? After all, we are afraid to expose ourselves to ridicule (another belief system).

Part of the eternal process. People who believe in eternal consciousness explain and describe death as a changing of the form of consciousness. Each day millions of cells in our body die and are replaced. Ultimately, none of the cells that were present when we were born exist anymore, but we still do. What is it, then, that still exists? On a larger scale, the human race exists, but no human being of 200 years ago is still alive today. Could it be that our ancestors are conscious inside of us and we haven't discovered a way to communicate with them yet?

You and I have already experienced death through the dea of the fetus. If we were once a fetus, and that fetus is now dea how can we be alive right now? Are we actually dead and only think we are alive? At different stages of life you are an infant, a child, a teenager. Are these stages now dead or are they still part of your adult life? Does the caterpillar die when the butterfly is born or is it alive in the butterfly?

If it helps you to visualize what I'm saying here, consider this analogy. Imagine that we are all of us leaves on a "conscious" tree. In the fall, just before the leaves fall to earth, the sap (consciousness) of the leaves returns to the tree until the spring, when it flows again into a new leaf.

If we are truly one consciousness of the past, present, and future, then death is simply consciousness changing forms, much the way water turns from ice to liquid to steam. If being conscious is being alive, then being unconscious is not being alive. Is the boxer who is knocked unconscious alive or dead? Is the person covered with belief systems any more alive than a dead person free of belief systems?