How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

Death in Harmony with Life

Your death should be a celebration and fulfillment of a life consciously lived -- without regrets and completely used up emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Death is the friend to those who have lived their lives well. It is their reward. It is not a failure to stay alive. Death is the next step of our existence.

Personally, I intend to enjoy my own death. I feel that death is an invitation to a great reunion party where all my cosmic friends are waiting to see me. I love parties. I'm also curious about thought travel, and I wonder whether there are other universes and senses. I believe that death will give me a great opportunity to discover other realities. I intend to experience a death full of vitality. If not, what have I lost? It is my intention to remain as conscious as I can when I die. I want to see the Buddha or the Lighted Christ, and I want to meet my other spiritual guides. Since we don't know about life after death and certainly can't change whatever is to come, why suffer anxiety about it?