How to do Your Own Therapy  
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By Jack Bogasky Save Money. Get Relief. Attain Peace of Mind
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How to do Your Own Therapy
Letters of Endorsement

As a psychiatrist and director of a hospital based neuropsychiatric unit who also has a private practice, I have a lending library of books, audio tapes and videos that patients can use between sessions to augment their therapy. This is never an assignment but merely an opportunity for patients to receive help.

Jack Bogasky's book How to Do Your Own Therapy has been in constant use by my more high functioning patients, who say that it has restored their faith that they can change destructive patterns and actively practice and learn the skills (presented very clearly there) that lead to control of their lives which they have never experienced before.

Both I and my patients appreciate your great contribution Mr. Bogasky, to the peace and vitality of the healthy psyche.

Linda H. Moran, M.D.
Director of Neuropsychiatric Unit
Somerset Hospital
225 S. Center Avenue
Somerset, PA 15501

Your book is giving me feelings of liberation from examining my failures as well as my successes. Your approach to exploring all areas of one's life is key to helping me to no longer flee from pursuing opportunities, but to consciously and enthusiastically go after them.

With warmest regards,
Paul H. Geffert

When I look back over my 47 years, there are but a few significant. conscious events that I perceive as life altering. Reading Jack Bogasky's book, How to Do Your Own Therapy, is one such profound event.

After reading Jack's book and massaging the content, my life started changing in positive ways. Within four years I got married, was promoted twice and received national recognition for leadership.

I owe Jack Bogasky many thanks for lending a helping hand and sharing with me his key to personal and professional success.

Camille T. Barry, RN, Ph.D.