How to do Your Own Therapy  
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By Jack Bogasky Save Money. Get Relief. Attain Peace of Mind
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How to do Your Own Therapy


Imagine the changes for the better if you could eliminate guilt from your own and everyone else's life. Even if you lead a blameless personal life, you cannot avoid facing the collective guilt found from holding a social position that allows you to be free of poverty, starvation, and violence, while other people suffer. Therefore, everyone is caught in the web of guilt. By just being alive we observe that, in order to survive, we have to feel guilty.

Unconscious guilt. How do you control people who are happy and at peace with themselves? How do you persuade them to do what you want them to do? How do you turn people away from enjoying life's obvious joys that are available by simply being consciously aware of clear waters, waving grasses, playful animals, refreshing breezes, shining stars, and more! Unconscious guilt is the mechanism of control. Although we are