How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

How Unconscious Belief Systems Are Inserted

A five-year-old is riding in a car with her father. While at a red light, the father asks her what the red light means. She answers, "Stop." When he asks what a green light means, she replies "Go." "And how about yellow?" inquires the father. She shouts, "That means, hurry up!" That "Hurry up!" is a belief system that was unconsciously inserted into the child's memory through observation. No one intended it, and no one was aware, including the child, of when this insertion occurred. All of us acquire information through observing events, and we are mostly unconscious of most of what we accumulate through our observations. As human beings, we want to survive. We observe how other people survive, and we insert these observations into our memories. If a child observes parents struggling to survive under constant stress, the child unconsciously creates a belief system that says, in order to survive, I must have stress in my life.