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How to do Your Own Therapy

Why Our Belief Systems About Eating Are Wrong

Do you enjoy reading a good book slowly, or do you read it quickly to get through it? Are you sorry when it ends? When you encounter beauty in nature, do you take one look and turn away, or do you stop and savor the moment for a long time? I think I know what your answers to these questions will be.

But how many memories do you have of people eating slowly and savoring the experience? As children, we observed parents and friends gorging food and wolfing it down as quickly as possible. Belief systems we formed as children trigger the primitive "fear of starvation" that causes us to go unconscious and stuff ourselves. Fast food restaurants do their part to contribute to this problem.

Here's a handy piece of advice for you: Don't do anything during eating that you wouldn't do during sex! Do you read the paper or watch television while making love? I certainly hope not. But when it comes to food, we often start eating with our minds on other things, and, because we are not consciously aware of what we are doing, we swallow food quickly. Our taste buds barely come in contact with the food.