How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants

An all-you-can-eat restaurant is illed with primitive people. Although customers arrive as modern people, they end up eating like wild beasts in order to get their money's worth. When you go to one of these restaurants, you sit at a table and eat like there is no tomorrow. Primitive man is thinking it's his last meal. Why else would you be eating like a crazy man?

Primitive unconscious belief systems take over, and you end up stuffing yourself. Eating becomes survival. And guess what happens? You and the rest of the patrons leave the restaurant bewildered, stuffed, and unable to breathe. You feel like throwing up, but you still want ice cream.

The customers in these restaurants eat like wild animals, unsure of where their next meal is coming from. Against all common sense, they force food into their bodies to avoid starving to death. What a tragic misunderstanding! The diners are not starving; they just aren't conscious of that present moment! Instead, primitive man is awakened by stressful emotions and feelings, and, in order to survive, we respond by eating like starving beasts!

Without food, primitive man knew that he would die. If you contemplate going on a diet and begin to concentrate on depriving yourself of food, you should be aware that the primitive man within you will try to make you unconscious in an effort to enable himself to have big snacks. When you are hungry, the intensity creates stress similar to what starving primitive man experienced. The result is that starvation belief systems are triggered in you until the wild beast is stuffed!