How to do Your Own Therapy  
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By Jack Bogasky Save Money. Get Relief. Attain Peace of Mind
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How to do Your Own Therapy

When I was about 35 years old, I became aware that what I had been told about the world was not valid. I observed that good people didn't always win and that bad people -- especially if they were rich and powerful -- were seldom punished. I discovered, too, that people are programmed and that most of their behavior is unconscious and automatic. It was these insights that led me to begin my personal journey toward consciousness, but I had no intention of writing a book. It was to help my three sons learn from my experience and avoid the mistakes I had made along the way that prompted me to begin writing down what I discovered. Since then, those writings have become a repository for all my thoughts and ideas.

If you are reading these words, you are about to take the first steps on a path that will change your life. I decided to write a self-help book when I realized that the psychiatrists, seminar leaders, and other self-help books were all saying the things that I had learned but in different words and that the knowledge I had acquired over more than three decades could be simplified and passed on to others. How to Do Your Own Therapy explains how you got to be the way you are and how you can correct it by yourself. You can work as fast as you want, for long as you want, every day if you want. And the total cost is just the price of this book.

But let me take you back to the beginning of my journey. In 1963 I was married, had a good-looking wife, three great kids, a five-bedroom house, two cars, a maid, and a very successful selling career with IBM. But I was still miserable. I had everything society said I should have to be happy, but I wasn't. And in 1964 I got divorced. Something had to be wrong somewhere, so I started seeing a psychiatrist. I discovered that I had been unconsciously programmed.

For the 30-plus years since then, the field of psychology has been my hobby, and getting joy into my life has been my goal. I have read many books, attended a great deal of one-on-one counseling, and taken part in numerous group therapy sessions. If I heard of a seminar, I attended it.

My pursuit paid off. By discovering and eliminating my unconscious programs, I have been able to enjoy my life, to start and run successful businesses, to grow closer to my three sons, and to get to know my six totally conscious grandchildren. And I recently won the World Senior Racquet Ball Championship in my age division. Life has become very joyful.

However, my road to a life of joy was not without its bumps and even the occasional wrong turn. There was a great deal of unnecessary pain and delay along the way, and I want to help you eliminate them from your own journey. No one wants to suffer any longer than necessary, but the method of solving a problem by visiting a psychiatrist once a week at $150 a session is both cumbersome and costly. For one thing, you limit how quickly you can get help because you work on your problems only once a week for an hour. The doctor isn't as interested in solving your problems as quickly as you are, and you couldn't afford it if he were.

Of course, there are scores of self-help books that are cheaper than a psychiatrist and filled with useful information. You might have tried using some of them already. You probably found that some were too complicated or were limited to a specific area of behavior, such as envy, anger, or jealousy. If you tried to follow their advice, you probably found yourself drained of energy from trying to puzzle out the complex definitions. Just when you most need the energy to solve your own problems, you have none left. Moreover, most self-help books describe, explain, or tell a story about a situation. They offer a reader information or knowledge, but nothing changes within the per- son. What these books offer is what I call "chatter," because it doesn't change anything. The Process you will learn in this book will enable you to eliminate a behavior forever.

How to Do Your Own Therapy presents a simple idea of how the world works that you can apply all day long to all areas of life. This book reduces complicated psychological principles to simple rules you can apply to your life. All problems are explained as the result of the operation of unconscious belief systems, many of which we acquired as infants. Once you have learned a simple Process for eliminating these belief systems, all your energy can be spent on solving your problems -- that is, eliminating these belief systems.

I call my book a "Bible of Self-Therapy" because it will allow you, on your own, to discover and eliminate any problem or situation. It introduces a "simple unified theory of self-therapy" that creates a way to handle any problem, regardless of the label attached to it. Read this book, and discover a method that will help you eliminate the unconscious programming that keeps you from enjoying your life, emotionally and physically.

People have resigned themselves to unhappiness and given up the hope of changing themselves. But this does not have to be true. The Process you learn in this book will help you to change your behavior, whether you are trying to raise children, lose weight, make your retirement fulfilling, get out of a destructive relationship, enrich your marriage, or pursue a better job. Uou will soon be able to help your children and others dear to you to eliminate the confusion that we all experience in trying to live a life filled with joy. Just being alive will become a joy!

Everyone wants to change the world for the better, but most people feel powerless to do so. You don't have to be powerless any more. When you change yourself for the better, you also change the world for the better.