How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

Belief Systems about God

Man, dancing around the fire, created God. God, using sod, created Man. -- Anonymous

Man creates belief systems about God in an attempt to relieve anxiety and to deal with the unknown. Primitive societies lived in fear of unknown phenomena such as storms, thunder, lightning, comets, and most of all, death. Living without answers created anxiety back then, and it still does today. Fear of death is the mother of all religions.

Each religion is a set of belief systems about God that humans have created to address unanswered questions. Religion provides alternatives to facing the stark reality of the inevitability of death. Each generation reinvents God to soothe its inner needs and to find meaning and value in life. We invent and mold religion to conform to the kind of society that we want to see around us. Our gods have the human abilities to see, touch, hear, reward, and punish. These gods are as perfect as our minds, constrained by time and space, can imagine them. But we are unable to imagine a God beyond time and space.

You were not born with a belief system about God. If you have one now, it means that you are operating unconsciously with regard to decisions about God. Uou might be able to remem ber when you became a Boy Scout, an altar boy, a Democrat, or a scientist. But when did you become a religious person? What religion were you when you were born? None. But one day you realized you had a religion. It had already been inserted in you. Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant children practice their parents' religion, but they don't drive the same kinds of cars or wear the same types of clothes as their parents. Why is this?