How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

Religion Turns Doom and Gloom into Gold

To be successful in religion, you need a talent for purveying impending doom. Uou have to see dark forces at work everywhere. A preacher without calamities and apocalypses isn't worth a damn and will always be poor. Doom is a money maker. If you can't scare them, you can't convert them.

In good times the preacher has to warn that bad times will come because of present behavior. In bad times, he must blame the misery on the lack of pure living in the past. Our misery is punishment for our sins. Whether the times are good or bad, the preacher tells you, you will suffer unless you change your ways. We give our money to the preacher in order to lessen our anxiety. Inserted unconscious belief systems about always having to pay the piper make the preacher's message seem potent.

Until we are convinced that it is a sin, enjoying our wealth and sexual expression are fun. Most people are happy until someone upsets and scares them in order to use them for a selfish purpose.

Show me an optimistic preacher, and I'11 show you a failure. A preacher has to be impervious to counterevidence. The fact that hundreds of predicted disasters never happened has to be ignored, and the one-in-a-million that did happen is mentioned in every sermon. And it works!