How to do Your Own Therapy  
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By Jack Bogasky Save Money. Get Relief. Attain Peace of Mind
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Chapter 1
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How to do Your Own Therapy
Table of Contents

Part I
How We Got to Be the Way We Are

1. You are What You Believe
2. Belief Systems
3. How Unconscious Belief Systems Are Inserted
4. How Our Uncounscious Belief Systems Control Our Behavior

Part II
How to Change the Way We Are

5. Discovering Your Belief Systems
6. Vague Controlling Belief Systems
7. BSEP: Belief System Elimination Process
8. How Our Memory Distorts the Truth
9. In Order to Survive, You Have to Be Miserable
10. All But Personal Authority is Insane
11. Stress
12. Consciousness
13. The Difficult Task of Returning to Consciousness
14. The Universe Doesn't Care

Part III
Journey to Consciousness

15. Children
16. Adulthood and Old Age
17. Religion
18. Love
19. Death — The Magnificent Adventure
20. Overeating and Other Weight Problems
21. Other Obstacles to Obtaining Consciousness