How to do Your Own Therapy  
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How to do Your Own Therapy

We Are What We Believe

We exist in the present as a perfect presentation in material form of what we believe. Each one of us is the product of our accumulated belief systems, not of our accumulated knowledge. We are not fully aware of what we believe, because our major belief systems were formed in childhood by events that we now believe we can no longer remember. If we could become aware of our unconscious belief systems, we would know a great deal more about the way we are, for everything happens to us from the inside out.

Our unconscious belief systems screen us from reality. They stop us from consciously enjoying the current moment. Each incident we experience is sent through our memory banks and is filtered through our unconscious belief systems. That triggers a series of automatic responses that were established earlier when we experienced similar incidents. If you want to see an unconscious belief system in action, just watch a person smoke, eat too much sugar, twitch, bitch, or become overwhelmed by misery or excitement.