How to do Your Own Therapy  
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By Jack Bogasky Save Money. Get Relief. Attain Peace of Mind
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How to do Your Own Therapy

Who is in Charge Here?

Say you want to throw out some old clothes and make room in your closet.  You begin the task, but unconsciously a belief system is triggered that gives you pause. Maybe you will need these clothes in the future because of war, famine, or poverty. Then another belief system steps to the fore and says not to waste because there are desperately poor people who could use these clothes. Guilt overpowers you. You could give the clothes to charity and get a tax deduction (a belief system about money kicks in). But you need old clothes around in case you have to move or paint (something that hasn't happened in 25 years). Suddenly, you remember a story your mother told you that your father's brother's aunt gave something away and later needed it. You can't remember the details, but now you really feel threatened.