How to do Your Own Therapy  
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About the Author
How to do Your Own Therapy
How to Do Your Own Therapy

How to Do Your Own Therapy A Bible of Self-Therapy for people wanting to improve their lives... but can't afford mental health fees...and are without the time to read all of the self-help books.

How to Do Your Own Therapy explains how you got to be the way you are and how to correct it by yourself. You can work as fast as you want, for as long as you want, every day if you want. And the total cost is just the price of this book.

No one wants to suffer any longer than necessary, but the method of solving a problem by visiting a psychiatrist once a week at $150 a session is both cumbersome and costly. For one thing, you limit how quickly you can get help because you work on your problems only once a week for an hour. The doctor isn't interested in solving your problems as quickly as you are, and you couldn't afford it if he were. (See chart).

How to Do Your Own Therapy presents a simple idea of how the world works that you can apply all I day long to all areas of life. This book reduces complicated psychological principles to simple rules you can apply to your life.

I call my book a "Bible of Self-Therapy" because it will allow you, on your own, to discover and eliminate any problem or situation. It introduces a "simple unified theory of self-therapy" (See chart) that creates a way to handle any problem, regardless of the label attached to it.